Monday, November 17, 2014

Post Remembrance Day Gettysburg Roamings

With the Remembrance Day activities over for me, I had a chance to visit some friends and take a nice leisurely trip through the battlefield and environs. My first stop was at Maggie's to say hi. She had to work Saturday so wasn't able to enjoy the festivities. On the way to Maggie's from Chambersburg I went down a little road and passed by a really old cemetery. So after my visit I went back for a closer look.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read any of the stones. I was told it dated back to Revolutionary times and there are also some Confederates buried there.

I headed over to the battlefield and as always stopped at the visitors' center. It was hoppin'. Several authors were in the bookstore signing copies of their books, none civilian centered. But Ed Bearss was there signing his book on Petersburg. It's kind of cool when you see someone in person you know from TV programs. But I had met him before several years ago when I worked at the Texas Historical Commission. He was visiting with one of our historians and happened to be in the building in which I worked. I did buy a book, Don't Hurry Me Down to Hades. Would really like to see the bookstore carry more civilian memoirs and such.

I took a drive over to the Pennsylvania monument.

 I went up to the top for the first time.

At the time I was the only one up there and I started to hear military drums in the distance; it was pretty eerie. It was a jam session over at Devil's Den, but still pretty cool.

I then went back to town and had lunch at Cafe Saint-Amand, one of my favorite eating places in Gettysburg. It was then time to go home. I had a great weekend, always enjoy visiting "the 'Burg", especially dressed up. Hopefully, next year I'll be able to stay in town, either on the square or on Baltimore; I would love to stay closer to the action.

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