Monday, November 17, 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

Another Remembrance Day. I wasn't sure I was going to go, so my room reservations were a bit last minute. For those of you in the know, know this is not a good idea. Almost all rooms in Gettysburg were booked and those that weren't came close or exceeded the $200 mark. Couldn't do that, so ended up at the Days Inn in Chambersburg. It was a bit of a drive to Gettysburg but the price was right. One year I will get a room downtown (if I don't live there first.)

I arrived Friday afternoon and went straight to Chambersburg. I realized as I was packing that I had some mending to do. I wore my wool conference dress and paletot as the weather was forecasted to be just a bit chilly. (This photo is from a different event). You can see the construction and the full dress at this post.

I left for Gettysburg early. Not knowing for sure what parking was going to be I first planned to park at the battlefield visitors' center and taking the bus in. However, since I was so early I parked at the college and walked to the square. I stopped at a little cafe on the square for something to eat.

It was then time to shop. I started at the Gettysburg Hotel on the square. Several vendors were there selling everything a reenactor might need including books. Believe it or not, I did not buy any books. But Lucy's Hairworks was there. She is usually one of the vendors at the Civilian Symposium in Harrisburg and I have admired her work for years but had never purchased any of her work. This time I did. 

These earrings are two in one. The hair bobbles at the bottom can be removed and just the stones worn or with the two together. Had to have them. 

I then headed to the 1863 Inn. I took the back way and wondered around back neighborhoods and checked out the architecture. After visiting the vendors I went out to Steinwehr and people watched. The street was crowded with reenactors at all levels of authenticity. 


When it was time to gather for the parade I headed over to find the 97th PVI. I decided not to walk in the parade so I could take pictures. 

Spectators crowded the street. 

I walked up Baltimore and stopped to watch the parade with Carolann Schmitt and her husband, Don, from in front of her office. I have posted a few photos and videos here but you can find more photos and videos on my Facebook wall. 

During the parade I found out I missed some of the vendors at the Gettysburg Hotel, so after the parade I headed back over to see what I missed. And I did miss this great belt buckle the first time but not the second. 

It's gutta percha and I think it will go well with several of my dresses. Following my purchase I went over to the Ragged Edge coffee shop to attend a post parade gathering. However, only four of us showed up; even the person that suggested the gathering didn't show. But we had some great conversation and warm drinks. While at the coffee shop I found out about a dedication at the Daniel Lady farm, so decided to head out there to see it. 


When I arrived the two bands representing the Union and Confederate were playing. These bands were made up of Scouts. 

During the ceremony flags from the 1860s US, the Confederacy and today's US flag were raised and a stone marker revealed. Also the ashes of several retired flags were spread over the memorial garden next to the barn. 

Dinner with the Schmitts at Hickory Bridge Farm ended the living history for the weekend. I'll post about my rambling on Sunday in the another post.

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