Sunday, March 11, 2012

Conference Dress Construction

When you are a presenter at the Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860s Conference, Carolann Schmitt sends you a length of fabric to mae a dress. Everyone gets the same fabric but can make it up anyway they wish. To see all the garments from this year, see

Usually the fabric is a cotton; however, this year's fabric was an Italian Merino wool.

Here is my inspiration dress.

The first thing I did was make the tie, since it was fairly easy.

Finding the false buttons was not possible so I had to make them. Nancy and I found some upholestry trim with the perfect tassles. I then dyed hoodie tie string and crochet thread to match the tassles. I crocheted around small rings to create the medallions to which the tassles are attached.

I didn't use a pattern per se, just a basic bodice that had from the last few dresses I made. I lined the bodice with brown polished cotton.

I made hook and eye tape using the fashion fabic. I used the instructions included with Past Patterns 812.

I didn't include piping in the armsyce as the inspiration dress didn't appear to have any.

However, I did pipe the neck line.

The wrist trim and collar was antique lace I had bought for another project that I decided not to persue.

The skirt was attached with a dog leg. Nothing different there. I had Three Sisters Millinery make a head covering for me to match that in the inspiration photo. And here is the finished product.

See more production pictures at


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Who is the woman in the picture?

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No idea.