Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860s Conference: Part 2

I did not have a workshop to conduct on Thursday so I was able to attend Carolann's silk wristlet workshop this morning. This was a fun class and the wristlets are easy to put together. Carolann started off the class showing period examples of the wristlets. We had a choice of different kits. I bought the kit for the simple velvet ribbon with a clasp and a fancier on with ribbon decorations. The handouts included the instructions for all the different types of wristlets. I made the more complicated one in class.

Here is a picture of one of the other fancy version completed by another participant.

Photos of the construction process are included in the link in the Part 1 post.

After the workshop I met up with Kimberly and we had lunch at the hotel restaurant. Kimberly had a workshop that afternoon. I spent the afternoon finding my workshop room and moving the bricks from Maggie's truck into the room. To get the room it was necessary to go up a few steps and then down some stairs and it was at the other end of the wing from where the truck was parked. So loaded up the trunk of the rental car and drove around to the closest entrance. From there I took a few at a time down to the room. However, a housekeeping supervisor saw me hauling the bricks and pulled a couple of her male laundry staff and they carried the majority in for me. I was very grateful. I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the room waiting for Kimberly and Teri to get out of their classes to move the bran.  

Teri brought me 42 pounds of oat bran in two large bags and four smaller bags. Kimberly helped me move it from Teri's room to the workshop room. On the way we passed Carolann and K in the hall and there was a remark or two about irregularity. So all set up for the workshop.

That evening we had dinner at Perkins, across the parking lot from the hotel. Just as we were paying our bill, Nancy called and she had just landed. So off we go to the airport to pick her up. On the way back we stopped at the grocery to pick up some snacks and cleaner for the bricks.

We got Nancy settled and went down to attend the Conference reception and wrapper party. At this event, Carolann provides snacks and those who wish, can show off their wrappers and banions. This is a lot of fun; we get to meet up with everyone and renew friendships.

After the wrapper and banion fashion show, Carolann presented a few videos. The first was a Youtube video called "Stuff Museum People Say". Pretty cute. Then we watched the ball scene from "The Leopard". This is a great costume movie that takes place in 1860s Sicily. It was beautiful. Then the full Carol Burnett "Gone With the Wind" sketch. Hilarious!! We stayed for a little bit longer than went up to the room as we were all pretty tired but of course stayed up talking until late.

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Anonymous said...

That museum video was hysterical. I think I'm gonna use the line "wanna sweep the yard?" at the next event.